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Entering our 5th Decade...
Apr 01, 2019   03:04 PM
by Jody Gentry

As the Cultural Affairs Council enters our 5th decade of supporting the arts, our board members have taken a close look at our mission statement and have made positive changes that reflect both current and future goals of our organization.

Our mission, very simply, has always been to support and enhance the arts in San Angelo and the Concho Valley. Without question, our efforts have been focused in that direction from the beginning; however, we realize a need to be even more specific in considering the goals within that mission and in making them publicly known.

Not only do we embrace existing art forms, we will also support art forms that are new to West Texas, and, particularly, to San Angelo. We want to evolve with what’s happening on the arts scene and will therefore seek ways to engage with funding and manpower.

Of great importance to SACAC is serving the under-served--who may also be the under-resourced as well--with art opportunities. Through our involvement with other arts organizations, we are seeking ways to help people of all ages and all walks of life to have enriching experiences with art—whether as artists, participants in the process, or audience members.

Promoting tourism is a great opportunity for us, for when we do that, we also promote what we as locals enjoy. Any close look at events and activities in our area will bring a realization that so much of what’s available to experience involves performing and visual arts; without question, the culinary arts are also well represented in the kitchens of our outstanding restaurants. As recipients of 5% of San Angelo’s Hotel Occupancy Tax, we strive to promote the kind of tourism that leads to overnight hotel/motel stays so that we may better share our arts-filled gem of a city with our state, our nation, and the world.

Long Live the Arts!
Jamie Highsmith, Executive Director

Greetings from the Executive Director!
Jun 29, 2018   10:32 AM
by Mark Stevenson

What a great honor it is to be the new Cultural Affairs Council Executive Director. I’m a Texan by birth, and San Angelo has been my home for the past 32 years. I hold B.A. and M.Ed. degrees from Angelo State University, and after spending four rewarding years in Concho County, I returned to this city in 1986 to live and work. Last year, I completed thirty-five years in public education. I bring a background steeped in the arts to the helm of this organization.

There is so much to love about San Angelo, but certainly one area that truly shines is our art community—every aspect of both visual and performing arts. Without a doubt, we have an abundance of incredible talent in our midst!

It’s a privilege to direct an organization whose mission is “to enhance the arts and culture in San Angelo and the Concho Valley.” Since the early days of our city, we have experienced great cultural offerings as well as distinct cultural diversity. From sheep to murals to sculpture, we enjoy an immense amount of public art. We are profoundly blessed with passionate artists who paint, draw, dance, sing, act, play, sculpt, write, direct, and, in general, CREATE in a multitude of very inspirational ways.

The Cultural Affairs Council is extremely proud to be celebrating its 40th year. What can our city expect from us during the year ahead? We will be involved in promoting the arts, in advancing arts education, in providing excellent food and wine experiences, and in filling the gaps so that a greater number of people can experience the arts in meaningful ways.

Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday living.” –Picasso

Long live the arts!
Jamie Highsmith, Executive Director

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